Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access this e-learning? 

Our e-learning can be accessed at After registering for an account, you will be taken to a dashboard page where you can select the user group that is most relevant to your role and view all of the courses that are tailored to that user group. Each course is provided as a contained whole and is delivered entirely online. 

Which user group should I select? 

People vary in the knowledge and skills that they already have, and the knowledge and skills they need to develop. We tailored the learning materials to different groups based on their likely pre-existing and required knowledge. We provide e-learning for three different groups: Carers and Family, Disability Professionals and Health Professionals. 

However, you may find that courses from more than one user group are relevant to your role and your required learning. You can enrol in courses developed for any user group. Full lists of the available modules can be found in the links below to help inform you of what we have on offer: 

I thought the e-learning was free? Why am I being asked to pay a fee? 

Our e-learning was offered for free for almost 10 years since its launch in 2012. However, we are no longer in a position to be able to pay for continued web hosting fees to keep the content online. In order to ensure that this valuable resource can remain available, we are charging a small fee for access for courses that are tailored to health and disability professionals. Our courses for carers and family members remain free to access. 

If you are a NSW Health staff member, you can access the courses for health and mental health professionals for free on My Health Learning. 

Can I use this e-learning if I reside outside NSW? 

Yes. Everyone may register and use this e-learning, even if you reside outside NSW or Australia. There may be some content that is specific to NSW, but the knowledge and skills covered in the courses are applicable to anyone, living in any location. 

How long will it take me to complete the e-learning? 

The e-learning is delivered entirely online for you to complete each course at your own pace. You can start a course and come back to it later, and you can revisit a course you’ve already completed. An estimated time to complete is provided in the course information for each course but you can decide how much time you want to spend doing the activities, and in how much detail you want to pursue the links to other information built into the course pages.  

Can I get recognition of prior learning? 

At this stage, the e-learning is offered primarily for you to meet your professional learning needs. It does not count towards a certification and there is no formal assessment process. Therefore, there is no call for recognition of prior learning. 

Is the e-learning linked to a certification or qualification? 

At this stage, the e-learning is offered primarily for you to meet your professional learning needs. It does not count towards a certification or qualification. 

Are there assignments and assessments? 

There are no assignments or assessments associated with the e-learning because it does not count towards a certification. The e-learning is offered primarily for you to meet your professional learning needs. There are various activities designed to enhance your learning. These are integrated with the learning content, and you are free to decide how much of each activity to complete. More information about enhancing your learning is provided here.

Can I get a certificate of completion? 

Upon completion of a course, users will be able to download a certificate of completion. 

What if I have questions about what I’m learning? 

If you have questions that arise from the material, we suggest: 

  • raising it in clinical supervision or with your supervisor 
  • contacting the NDIA or other agency 
  • speaking with your local psychiatrist 
  • discussing it with colleagues 

What is the difference between a “course” and a “module”. 

A module is a unit of learning material that has been created to address a particular topic. A course may be made up of one or more modules. 

What if I have feedback? 

We want your feedback because we want to make the e-learning as good as it can be at meeting your learning needs! 

There will be an opportunity to give feedback at the end of each module, and we hope that you take a few moments to send it through. You can also email us at or use the contact form.   

What if I don’t want to fill in the feedback survey? I can’t seem to complete the course without filling in the survey. 

It is not compulsory to fill in the feedback survey that appears at the end of each module, though we hope that you can take a few moments to send through your feedback. To skip the feedback survey, you simply need to open up the survey and click the green “Mark as completed” button in the top right of your screen. 

Does the e-learning apply to children and young people as well as adults? 

The educational content in the e-learning is primarily focused on adults, but also has relevance to young people. At this stage, the content has not been specifically developed with a focus on children.