How To Use Our e-learning

We want you to use our e-learning in the way that best works for you and your role. As you progress through a course, you’ll notice opportunities to access resources and other websites, watch videos, complete activities, and reflect on and evaluate your learning and practice. 

Practice is an essential part of learning – you will get the most out of the e-learning if you deliberately seek opportunities to apply the knowledge. There are many ways to do this. We provide suggestions, but you are the real expert when it comes to identifying how you can use this knowledge to support people with intellectual disability. 

These materials have been designed so that you decide how much or how little to engage with different information and activities, and you decide when you are ready to leave a certain subject, and when to return and seek more learning. If you leave a course before you complete it, you will be able to pick it up again from that spot when you return. 

As you go through a course, we recommend that you consider: 

  • how to experiment with and integrate what you have learnt in your life and/or workplace 
  • returning to a course at a later date to see what else you can benefit from 
  • using the internet to do your own research into questions that arise as you go 
  • people with whom you can discuss what you are learning – e.g. family members, peers, colleagues, and professional contacts