New e-learning on What is Preventive Health

We have launched a new course “What is Preventive Health?” on our e-learning platform.

The course is appropriate for disability professionals who provide support to people with intellectual disability, and is an enjoyable and effective way to enhance knowledge and skills in preventive health. The course may also be of interest to people who provide unpaid care to people with intellectual disability.

Once registered or logged into your account, you can search for the course by typing “preventive health” into the search bar at the top. Alternatively, you can use this link here to go directly to the course after you have registered or logged in.

Course information

This course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and covers four topics:

  • What is preventive health?
  • Why is preventive health important?
  • Preventive health care for people with intellectual disability
  • Supporting preventive health for people with intellectual disability

After completing the e-learning, learners should be able to:

  • describe what preventive health is, the different types of health prevention, and the aims of preventive health care
  • identify reasons why preventive health care is important
  • identify lifestyle and risk factors that impact the health of people with intellectual disability
  • identify ways to support the preventive health needs of people with intellectual disability.

The course can be accessed after registering for an account on our e-learning platform or logging in if an account already exists. The course can be accessed for $15 per learner.

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